AI and Machine Learning

for Healthcare and Industrial Internet


We are a development and co-creation partner for corporations and research groups with strong healthcare and industrial IoT expertise. Our top data science team is based in Helsinki, Finland.

State-of-the-art analytics solutions helping our customers to automate and
simplify decision making. Small or big data - we provide practical solutions to your analytics and prediction problems.

Image analysis and recognition powered by deep learning and artificial
intelligence. Our image analysis solutions and applications create
competitive advantage and save time and resources for our customers.

We offer software engineering, development and fast prototyping
services, including: analytics applications, document analysis and text recognition,
search engines and algorithm development.


AI Consulting

  1.  AI and analytics development services
  2. IPR transfer
  3. Knowledge sharing
  4. Demos, P-o-C’s, MVP’s, products
  5. Agile projects in sprints

AI Partnership

  1. Co-creation, concept & idea development
  2. R&D and Product development
  3. Shared IPR
  4. Flexible business & revenue model
  5. Agile projects, fast prototyping

 Requirements & Design

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Concepts & Research

Development & Deliverables

Support & Maintenance


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One of our project is Computer Vision

Image analysis and recognition powered by deep learning and artificial intelligence. Our image recognition technologies include Pose Estimator, AI software to digitize human body, hand and face key-points.

We also work on AIya – Artificial Intelligence

AI software for data driven and automatic quality parameter calculation in time delayed industrial production processes, such as pulp, biotech and oil & gas industries.

Another project –
Cancer Data Science

AI Image Analysis and Reasoning enginefor cancer research and diagnosis, including deep learning engine for Representation Learning from Multi-modal cancer images.


GE Digital Partner

Our partners include:

amazon web services



Our team includes experienced data scientists, software engineers and business development professionals.


We are positive, international team full of wonderful and motivated people from all over the world. We offer you an opportunity to work in an excellent office located in «Silicon Vallila, in Helsinki». Our customers are both big corporations and start-ups.


Top Data Science
+358 40 5894400

Address: Kuortanenkatu 2
FI-00510 Helsinki, FINLAND
Health Innovation Village at GE Healthcare